As shown on studies, aluminum stage shares a large amount of market among stage types. So what is the benefit of aluminum staging system?
The advantages of RK Strong Structured aluminum stage:
1. Our stage for events is suitable for outdoor or indoor events, parties, model shows, fashion shows, etc.
2. Easy to set up and remove, Convenient transportation, smooth running save time and reduce vibration.
3. The color of the floor and stage size can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
4.Usually match with lighting truss,stage truss,spigot truss to achieve visual effects.
5. Surface of plywood available:  non-slip industrial, carpet, tuffcoat finish and plexiglass finish.
RK aluminum stage

The components of RK aluminum stage.
This type of assembly stage consists of stage platform, stage brace, adjustable legs and adjustable base. Its height can be adjusted and easy to be established .This aluminum stages and planks have strong stability and nice look. In the action of transportation, the space will be saved,cause it is easy to dismantle.
Aluminum stage is the most stable and durable stage, RK  hot sell Aluminum stage will be your best choice.